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Second Swimmer from India to Successfully Cross Kaiwi

Rohan More was the first and this year another swimmer from India successfully Crossed Kaiwi, 17 yo Prabhat Koli. He swam it in 17:20 on June 7, 2017.

I'm always a bit concerned when the really young swimmers want to attempt this channel but this young man had no problem at all. Here he answers our 12 questions.

1) Other than completing the Oceans 7, why swim the Kaiwi channel? Why swim Channels?

According to me this channel is longest amongst Ocean7 and choppiest also,so I wanted to complete this channel before the others, if I complete this channel, there are better chances to complete other channels also.

2) We start these swims on Molokai. How did you get there from Oahu? How did you get to the beach where swim starts? Any issues getting crew to the boat?

We travelled to Molokai by air and then book a taxi to the starting beach (kepuhi beach) and there was no issue with crew to get on boat.

3) What were the conditions like at the start? Can you describe your surroundings? What was the beach like? People on the beach? Surf?

The conditions at the starting beach was awesome, the people on beach were also supportive and there was no surfers.

4) Could you see Oahu at the start? How did that feel?

Yes we could see Oahu at the start but bit foggy!! After that scene I decided that I have to get there.

5) What was your feeding schedule like? What did you eat/ drink? Did it stay down? Any issues with feedings? Technique?

We use to feed first seven hours,hourly with carbo pro and after that feeds every half hourly with bananas,peaches, chocolate etc. There were no issues with feeding.

6) Some swimmers experience seasickness. Did you?

No,I didn't feel any seasickness while my swim.

7) Describe the conditions during your swim. Any particular challenges? Estimated wind speed? How did water temp feel?

the start was good,but during night time the wind picked up very heavily that my kayaker flipped off in water. The water temp was not so cold.

8) Did you see or feel any marine life? Did you or crew have any shark deterrent? Jelly stings?

I heard some noise of dolphins/whales but couldn't see as it was in night.I got stung by lots of jellyfish but never saw/feel a shark.

9) Describe the last quarter of your swim and the finish. Where did you finish?

in the end, it was also challenging coz I was almost Swimming against the tide but it was amazing as I was finishing at Alan Davis beach.

10) Who did you bring with you to help support your swim? How did the ones who went on the boat do?

For helping me my dad and Mr.Dan Simonelli was there as crew members. During my swim my dad was very sick but Dan Simonelli was very good and helped me in the feeds.

11) Anything you would do differently? Anything not go well?

As per our expectations, everything was in order.

12) Favorite memories from this experience?

the most remarkable incidences were hanging around on awesome and silent kepuhi beach, swimming in night was like a nightmare, and swimming to Alan Davis beach was like swimming in aquarium.

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