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New Kaiwi Channel Association Blog

I end up spending a lot of time answering emails about swimming the Kaiwi Channel and all that leads up to it from accommodation on Oahu to taxis on Molokai and currents and jellyfish and sharks and winds and... I really enjoy helping swimmers through the process but I want to make more information available online.

When Steve Haumschild and I started this association a few years back not a lot was known about swimming Kaiwi. I got involved when my friend Bill Goding and Forrest Nelson swam it in 2006. They were the ninth and tenth swimmers to successfully swim the channel. With Pat Gallant-Charette's success a few days ago we are now at 52 successful crossings and I have learned a huge amount. Thought seriously about writing a book (I still might) but for now a blog is how we are going to get what we know about swimming the Kaiwi Channel organized.

Some of the basics are on the website. If you are interested in swimming the Kaiwi Channel - start with our website. But this blog is where we get into the details.

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