Swim the Ka'iwi Channel Molokai to Oahu

 We can help make it happen.

Kaiwi Channel Association Fees
Kayak Guides and Boat and Captain


We can help you organize everything from boat and captain to where to stay on Molokai.

Kayak guides are mandatory  in a Ka'iwi Channel Swim - it's rough and the boat needs to keeps its distance. Kayak Escorts are by your side for Safety and Navigation.




2020 and Covid 19

As you all know the Coronavirus

has had a major impact on Sports and travel around the world. 

We were optimistic that late seasons swims could be accomplished but but due to Covid travel restrictions ALL 2020 Kaiwi channel swims have been cancelled.

We are working to reschedule all swimmers who had a 2020 slot.

You will get an email with your new slot by 12/01/2020


-Jeff Kozlovich

KCA is Going to Maui.

We're now offering Swim Slots for the Maui Nui Swim,  the Maui, Molokai, Lanai Triangle. Forty miles of Awesome Beauty in once in a lifetime swim adventure.


Only 4 slots available for 2021.

Today's  wind in the Kaiwi Channel

This video answers all the questions you have about swimming the Ka'iwi Channel. A must see for anyone seriously thinking about swimming between Molokai to Oahu.

Swimming the Kaiwi Channel not your thing? How about a guided kayak expedition across the channel?  Send us an email ( if you're interested in this adventure of a lifetime.


To date Kaiwi has been conquered solo 69 times and 5  relay teams have successfully crossed the Ka'iwi Channel between Molokai and Oahu. If you are up to the challenge just send an email with your swim experience and an approximate date for your swim. We'll guide you from there.

"Jeff and Steve are known the world over as the ‘go-to’ people for Molokai Channel Swim crossings. There was a reason I got across that body of water, my crew was AMAZING! I fully recommend that dream team to anyone."

-Darren Miller

about a Kaiwi Channel
Rules and Ratings for a Ka'iwi Channel Swim


Solo swims

Relay Swims

Ka'iwi Channel Swim Race


Everything you need to know to make your swim between Molokai and Oahu count. Please read carefully.

Kaiwi Channel Association is a channel swimming governing body formed in 2013. The mission of the KCA is to establish and recognize individual AND relay swims that follow the standards of the KAIWI CHANNEL ASSOCIATION (between Molokai and Oahu).  KCA also sponsors the Kaiwi Channel Swim Race.