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1)   What is the distance across the Kaiwi Channel?

The shortest distance is 26 miles. From where most swims start to where we try to finish is 28.5 statute miles. When starting this adventure have a conversation with crew and boat pilot about how you want distances measured - nautical mph, kph or  statute mph. 


2) Where do we stay?

In Waikiki or near there. Lots of options depending on your budget but the cheapest prices are about $100 per night. Check travel websites. A few recently have used Air B&B. One night max on Molokai  (Most just fly over and start swim) and this can wait till you get here. Options for the swim are to either spend one day/night on Molokai or fly over and go right to swim start. That can be decided in advance or when you get here.


3) Can we go over to Molokai on the boat instead of flying?

You can but it is not recommended.  Its really an awful boat ride. Most swimmers who tried regret it. Its exhausting and if you at all prone to seasickness, it really can adversely affect your swim. But during calm conditions, yes.


4) Do we need Kayakers? 

Yes, they are mandatory.The Kaiwi channel is usually so rough that the boat isn't really that close. And even when it is, it isn't going in a straight line. Here you steer off the kayak. The kayakers can steer very straight and get feedback from the boat when a course correction is necessary. For both safety and steering we use two so someone on a kayak is always at your side. With three kayakers we take 1.5  hour shifts.   Kayakers are WOWSA certified observers, experienced guides with lots of kayaking experience in that channel. Mandatory! Both the Coast Guard and DLNR also insist on kayakers in the water.



5) What are the estimated costs for the swim?

$2000 for KCA fee.

$3800 for boat (this may vary depending on boat)

$1200 approx for three kayakers

$90 each crew member for flight to Molokai.

$50 cab ride from Molokai Airport to swim start

$250 to $500 Accommodations on Molokai

Accommodations in Waikiki and getting here - ????

Boat with kayakers for about  $4700


6) How do I find a boat pilot?

We have a short list of the best pilots available.  All meet out high standards and have lots of experience. Once you pay the $2000 fee to reserve your week we'll find you a boat pilot and kayakers. If you book more than a year in advance - which you should do if possible - we'll hook you up in January of the year of your swim.


7) What's the next step?

We work in one week windows. You can go any day the conditions are good but boat captain has final say.  When you know when you want to do the swim check with us on availability. Busiest months are July,  August and September. Conditions are awful during the months of November -February, No swims during those months. Send an email ( and let us know what week period you want. We'll need a $2000 deposit to reserve your week. We will be there every step of the way to guide you through this crazy swim. We'll send you an email invoice you can pay by credit card through PayPal. After that we'll find the best pilots available during your week window and we'll walk you through an agreement with them.


8) Any certification fees? 

No, its all included in our one fee of $2000


9) You guys now doing Kayak expeditions across the channel?

Yes we are. Without an escort boat! 

We get a boat to take us and kayaks across, spend a relaxing evening at the Kalua Koi Condos (beautiful view across the channel to Oahu) then get up early and paddle back to Oahu. The paddle would take about 7 to 12 hours. 


To Book a slot just send an email with your swim experience and the month you would like to swim to:

Steve Haumschild

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