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  The fabled Maui Nui is a 3 leg swim between the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai completing the Pailolo, Kalohi, and  Auau channels. First attempted by Harry Huffaker, it was not completed until 2019 by rockstar swimmer Becca Mann. This swim is nearly 58km. Under standard conditions it will begin on Maui with a 20ft cliff jump into the start heading across Pailolo to Molokai. After a 10 minute break the swimmer heads across the difficult stretch from Molokai to Lanai across the Kalohi channel. This is the longest leg with variable weather and usually a slight head wind component. After landing and a 10 minute break on Lanai, the swimmer crosses the calmer waters of Auau from Lanai to Maui. The Kaiwi Channel association can break this swim up over a number of days, or the swimmer can go for the entire Maui nui in one go. 

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Inked Maui Triangle.jpg

During the Summer of 2019 KCA co Founder Steve Haumschild and boat pilot Mike Twigg-Smith studied charts, poured over weather data, considered various start and finish locations on Maui, Molokai and Lanai and did some exploring and came up with a extremely ambitious swim plan  that on August 18, 2019, Becca Mann would eventually prove was doable.

Over the voices of a few detractors who thought this wouldn't work, she swam from Maui to Molokai to Lanai and back to Maui in 20 hours and 53 minutes completing the Maui Triangle for the first time ever.

Interest has grown from those wanting more info on this Maui Nui Swim.(In Hawaiian Nui is Big or Great.)

Since we want to do this right and follow the research done by Steve Haumschild and maintain the level of professionalism, we offer in the Molokai to Oahu crossings so we have FIVE slots for the Maui Nui Swim per year.

Any questions about the 
Maui Nui Swim 
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